Inncom E528 ThermostatGive your Inncom EMS system new life by repairing ageing and out-of-warranty parts. For just $80 we’ll repair your broken Inncom E428 or E528 thermostat and back it up with the same 1-year warranty you would get with a new one.

All E428 and E528 models and options are supported – 2G, 3G, 4G Zigbee RF, IR, humidity, bubble PIR, flat PIR, line voltage, and low voltage.

We have repair parts in stock and can typically turn repairs around in a business day or two.

Price includes shipping back to you. Bulk discounts available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you factory authorized? Nope. But we’ve been installing, maintaining, and repairing Inncom equipment for 15 years, so we really do know this stuff. And you get the same warranty you get from the factory at a fraction of the cost.

When does the warranty start? How do you track it? The 1-year warranty starts when the product ships back to you. Each thermostat is labeled with a serial number which we enter into our database for tracking. If you find a bad thermostat with our serial number on it we can look it up and tell you when the warranty ends.

Can you fix other Inncom equipment? Depends what you have. We do a lot of installs and upgrades and as such collect lots of old parts. Let us know what you need – F239 room controllers or B471/B571 floor bridges, for example – and we’ll let you know what we can do.

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